Christmas tree and presents with a cat climbing on the biggest present. It's been awhile since I tinkered with CSS art so I'm a bit rusty :)
3D CSS books animated with GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP)
Single div CSS drawing of a Pumpkin
Vector illustration of Purple Cube and Crawly Critter created using iPad and Vectornator.
Rock Lee, a shinobi of the Hidden Leaf Village in the anime series Naruto.
Two cats playing in a carboard box
A 3D CSS Shipping Truck with green loading cubes
CSS illustration of a whimsical Itachi Uchiha from the a anime series Naruto.
CSS drawing of a window with dark night sky background
Old school boombox made with CSS
A hide and reveal movie camera scene
Archimedean Spirl with randomized offset spiral path
UPS Building with glossy windows
CSS drawing of a red telephone booth with blue background
CSS drawing of a cassette tape with blue background
CSS drawing of a blue crayon
Pixel art ghost with dark gray background