Hi there! My name is Tanner Dolby. I'm a Software Engineer and Mathematician based out of California. My academic background is in Applied Mathematics and I received my degree from ASU. I like working with JavaScript, Python, Node.js, React, 11ty, HTML, and CSS. I'm interested in applying my skills to build performant software and help others. I enjoy contributing to open source projects on GitHub and building fun side projects.


Software Engineer at WorkHound

Aug 2022 - Present

Software Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services

Jan 2021 - Aug 2022


I like to go running, skateboarding, and enjoy the outdoors. I enjoy reading books and learning new things. When I'm not doing something outside, I spend most of my time reading, contributing to open source projects on GitHub, playing Chess, and making fun experiments on CodePen. I've taken an interest in Static Site Generators (SSG). In particular Eleventy, which this website is built with.


Whether I'm reading for fun or to learn something new, it brings me a lot of happiness because there's always a new story I can dive into. Lately, I've been into fantasy, adventure, and sci-fi books, but I'm always open to book recommendations of any genre!




I received my Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics from Arizona State University on May 11, 2020.

During my time at ASU, I worked as an Undergraduate Researcher and Supplemental Instruction leader for Differential Equations. My passion for mathematics and computing became most apparent to me after completing discrete math and linear algebra. At the moment, I don't have plans for attending grad school but I'm interested in pursuing a graduate degree in Computer Science at some point.

Headshot of Tanner's face (a bit outdated)

Need More?

I'm interested in all things math or software related: JavaScript, Python, React, and more. Have a look at my resume and feel free to contact me if you'd like to chat!